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A 7 Day Debrief Event to Help You Recalibrate!

Reframe your narrative so you can resume your journey with resilience

 Review Changes
 Discover What’s Next
 Recognize God’s Presence

Are You Struggling To Find Your Way?

  • Is it time to find new direction?
  • Do you long to talk with someone who gets the challenges of missionary work?
  • Are you trying to make sense of where you’ve been?
  • Are you tired of pat answers and cliché responses?
  • Do you struggle to perceive how God is present in your life?
  • Do you need time and space to discern what’s next?
You need to debrief. You need Recalibrate!

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“This week has been a breath of fresh air in the midst of a furnace. We leave with a renewed strength and trust in the Lord and a reminder of the tools he has given.”
~ Mark
“Thank you both for all the love, energy, thoughtfulness, and time you put in our stay here. This week was a great first step and 2nd and 3rd toward becoming healthier together as we head back to the field.”
“Thank you for both physical and spiritual rest. In wisdom, time, truth. In listening and in processing back. Wow! You have been so much of what God knew I needed.”
“Thank you for the gift of debriefing with you both this week. Not only is your home peaceful and inviting, but your hospitality and warmth was so inviting that it made sharing our story so much easier. Thank you for understanding and giving us a safe place to share.”
“This week has been everything and more that my heart and soul needed. Thank you for this sweet time of rest and refreshment. I am leaving today feeling ready for what is to come.”
“Thank you so much! This has been a week I will not forget. you have been a beautiful display of God’s love for us, and I am so thankful!”
“I am beyond blessed to have found your website and gotten to come here. I wasn’t even really sure what I needed, but I already feel so much readier to jump back into life.”


Discover direction and God’s presence in your story.


Get the tools and skills you need for stress and change resilience.


Gain a sense of normalcy, clarity, and confidence in God’s provision.

About Your Hosts

We believe that debriefing is vital to the well being of cross-cultural workers. Since 2008, the founders of Recalibrate!, Dave and Irene Lewis, have debriefed hundreds of missionaries and their families. We’d be honored to help process your past experiences so you can move into the future.

With 15 years of missionary experience and 20 years of debrief experience, Dave and Irene:

  • Have been where you are
  • Understand your experiences
  • Speak “missionary” without an accent
  • Are experienced shepherds
  • Know how to assist global workers in meaningful ways


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About Baan Sabai, the Venue

A time away for rest is essential for spiritual vitality. Baan Sabai Lodge offers missionaries a beautiful, comfortable, and peaceful place to rest, reflect, and renew. Nestled in the hills of southeastern Indiana among 72 acres of hardwood forest, Baan Sabai is surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation.

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