Personal Debriefing

We offer personal debriefing for singles, couples and families by appointment at our missionary guest home, Baan Sabai.

Investing in a personal debrief – the time and space to rest, reflect, and reassess — will yield a more effective use of time at home, and prepare missionaries for their next step in ministry.

is currently on hiatus


Because our ministry is growing so rapidly we are not able to give Recalibrate! the attention and resources it deserves.

Because debriefing is one of the most helpful gifts a missionary can receive, debriefing is too important to do on the fly.

Because we are committed to providing a quality debriefing experience, we are putting a temporary hold on Recalibrate! events.

We regret the need to postpone, but we’ll never regret the results.

As soon as we possibly can we will resume our programs.

Keep your eye on this site for regular updates.

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