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Sabbatical Announcement

We applaud your desire to be debriefed. We believe that debriefing is absolutely essential for global workers who undergo any type of transition, particularly when returning to the U.S. for a period of home assignment (and ideally 2-3 months after returning). Thank you for considering Recalibrate as one of your options.

Dave and Irene, the facilitators for Recalibrate debriefing events, will be on sabbatical from February 1 through October 31, so they will not be conducting any Recalibrate events during that time. When they return from sabbatical, they will offer the only Recalibrate event for 2023. It will be hosted at Baan Sabai Lodge November 12-18. Check this site beginning in July to register.

Meanwhile, Jim and Dawn Anderson will be filling in at Baan Sabai Lodge during our sabbatical. They are trained debriefers with years of field experience, along with several other training credentials, and they would be happy to serve you on an individual level. Contact them about available dates and to ask about that all they offer.