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Steve Sweatman, president of MTI, posted this about missionary debriefing: “We’ve found it 10 times more effective when debriefing is: 1) done in groups with other ‘home leave’ or ‘returning’ cross-cultural workers not from their agency. 2) By a facilitator who is not from their agency – although some only feel safe with people from their agency 3) individualized – each family debriefing their own internal story and 4) in a community where people are free to talk in paradox – “it was the worst of times, it was the best of times.””

The facilitators for Recalibrate! have all been trained at MTI. We have modeled our program after theirs. Recalibrate! is 1) a group event, facilitated by an organization that is 2) not affiliated with any mission agency and provides 3)opportunities for each family member to share their story in groups as well as privately with a facilitator, and 4)where paradox is understood and embraced.

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