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Missionary life is filled with paradoxes. We experience some of the best times of our lives on the field, as well as some of the worst. Incredibly joy-filled experiences along with devastating pain. Love for our host country while missing our passport country. We’ll help you accept these seemingly contradictory feelings without impairing your ability to move forward.


Stress can be positive as well as negative. Missionaries endure more stress than they are usually aware. This session will help identify the sources of negative stresses and will lay the foundation for later suggestions on how to cope. We will also explore the positive benefits of stress and how it can enhance your personal growth and ministry.

Grief and Loss

Grieving is a way of acknowledging the value of what was lost, but unprocessed grief can have long-term negative affects. All missionaries deal with myriad losses in the normal course of service. In this session we will explore the reasons for allowing ourselves to grieve those losses, and how to move on in a healthy way.


In this session we will talk about issues related to re-entry. Whether this is your first time returning to the U.S. or another in a long series, transition can be unsettling and chaotic. We’ll help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Soul Care

Often missionaries are so wrapped up in the work of the Lord that they lose sight of the Lord of the work. Our souls can feel anemic, parched. We will pour living water on your thirsty soul. And we’ll offer tools and resources to help you refresh yourself now and in the future.

Personal Debriefing

The greatest gift we have to offer you during this event is a listening ear. Each person will have one-on-one time with a trained debriefer who is eager to hear your story. This is your chance to talk to someone who really wants to listen, about things you may not be able to share with others.

The whole experience has been just what I needed and God really used you and your ministry to fill up my cup.


This week has been a wonderful time of seeing God’s loving hands in our lives…an answer to our prayers for Him to come near and work healing and comfort in our hearts.

J & B

We feel refreshed and ready to go…equipped to return to Asia Pacific with a better sense of soul care.

Ryan & Laura

Only space for 8 individuals (couples or singles) for each program. Make your reservations now for the dates you'd prefer (see calendar).


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