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As stressful as fitting the debriefing into their schedule might be, intentionally stepping off the high speed merry-go-round that life in the U.S. feels like in order to take a couple of days to unpack and reflect on what they experienced over there, and since they have returned, is refreshing to a missionary. (Jeff Jackson; Shepherd’s Staff)

Mapping out an agenda for home assignment can be tricky at best. So many decisions are based upon available finances. A quality debriefing event like Recalibrate! not only costs money but time as well. Often it is assumed that it just won’t fit into the budget.

That’s where you could be of invaluable help.

You can help a missionary make it to Recalibrate! by helping us raise scholarship funds. The process is simple and quick. Just visit this site and click on the “become a fundraiser” button. You will be taken through a few easy steps that will have you up and running in no time.