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Missionary life is hard on so many levels. The level of stress that most missionaries live with is literally off the charts for most of their friends and supporters. While friends may be willing to listen to your story up to a point, usually it helps to be able to interact with someone who “speaks your language” (i.e. missionary-ese). Comparing notes with other harvest workers helps you realize several things:
– you are not alone
– you are not crazy or imagining things
– you are not the only ones who have experienced what you have
– you have all that you need to be able to continue on our journeys
– you are actually quite normal
Recalibrate provides an environment where experienced facilitators (who have lived on the mission field) are eager to hear your story. And you’ll be surrounded with people just like yourself who have weathered many of the same storms. In the process of one-anothering, everyone will be refreshed and refocused.