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“The path that missionaries walk from life and ministry on the mission field back to life back in America is bristling with dangers to their spiritual, emotional, and social health. When the stress-filled final few months on the field, and the first few months of the plunge back in to life at “home” are piled on top of the never ending culture-stress that every missionary experiences by just living on the mission field, it isn’t hard to understand why returning is much more perilous than originally going was. This reality is one of the reasons why everyone who knows and loves them should strongly encourage returned missionaries to accept the special gift of debriefing that God has moved their fellow global servants to create and offer to them as an expression of His love.” (Jeff Jackson; Shepherd’s Staff)

Don’t assume that your friends returning from the field will easily slide back into life in the States. One of the best things you can do for them is to recommend a debriefing event like Recalibrate! In fact, you could even provide the finances for them to attend.